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Living more mindfully; not only a practice for levitating chakra-aligned yoga gurus, but something we can all add to our day-to-day for a more fulfilled life.

Mental health has been a HOT TOPIC of late, and for good reason! We’re all under much more stress, living that 24/7 lifestyle of social media notifications and LED screens. It gets pretty difficult to live in the present when you’ve got next Friday's night out or who-did-wot on the telly box to think about… RIGHT?

So we’re inviting you to invite some mindfulness into your life. To help you strap the NOW around your back and live within it rather than worrying about the past and the future (‘cos, spoiler alert they don’t actually exist!). To remind you to listen to your body and your soul and let your actions match things you ACTUALLY need and ACTUALLY wanna do. To help you fall in LURVVEEE with yourself and the world.

Sounds pretty good right? Here’s a couple of bits you can do to bring mindful living into your life:

Daily Meditation

If you already mediate, we know YOU KNOW. If you don’t; yes, yes we know it SEEMS hard but that’s because you haven’t tried it yet. Your brain is a muscle and you have to train it to be still, to be calm. Start slowly, maybe just 5 minutes a day, being truly still. You can even check out some guided meditations on Youtube or apps like Headspace. Giving yourself those minutes in the morning just for you, before the rest of the world starts leaking in, is truly a gift.

Mindful Munching

Well you already know where we stand on this one! But as the age old adage goes; You Are What You Eat. This is so true. Being vegan means choosing to eat compassionately and avoiding consuming the traumatic energy present in animal products. But vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, don’t forget. Despite being London’s finest junk foodies, we know you gotta make sure it’s a treat not a habit. The more you consider the impact on you of what you’re swallowing, the more you consider the impact on the planet, communities, life in general.

In Our Nature

If in doubt GO GET YO’SELF NATURED UP. Nothing quite as grounding as taking your shoes off for a wander in the park. Even if you live in the hustle and bustle of the city like us, making time to regularly escape into the greenery is a must. Connecting with nature means connecting with yourself, everything that exists is made of the same atomic building blocks. Make like Theresa and run through the fields of wheat, baby.

Be A Decent Human

Doing something for someone else with absolutely no reward or expectation at all. Offer to walk a neighbour's dog, take ya ma’ out for dinner, buy that Mr.Grumpy in your office a surprise coffee, volunteer with a soup kitchen. Just being nice for the sake of it. It’s probably the best thing you can do we reckon. Our emotions have a chain reaction effect, whether they are good or bad. Start spreading those good vibrations as you never know how far they’ll go!

Plugging In To The Mindful Community

Check out podcasts or books to further your knowledge of mindful living, find interesting social media influencers or Youtubers that YOU like, who talk about mental wellness. There’s loads of amazing events happening across the UK as well, from yoga and fitness expos to places like Mindful Living Show, which showcases all sorts of workshops, talks and products for well, mindful living! Does what it says on the tin really..

So plug in, log out and GET YO SOME HEADSPACE.


Mindful Living Show 6 - 7th March 2020 Angel, London