We're opening UP SHOP!

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We are honestly BESIDE ourselves with excitement right now.

Remember how the last day of school term before the summer felt? More excited. Or, Christmas morning as you rush to the tree in your jammies... nope, more excited than that too. What about that feeling you get sitting down to your absolute favourite meal, as you just inhale all that good good… yep still even more. In fact, multiply all those feelings together and attach them to a handful of sparklers and you might have a slight idea of where we’re at.

We are opening UP SHOP.

Our first ever stand alone store, serving you up our signature sensational vegan fare ALL WEEK LONG. Even better, we’re back where our journey began in the wonderful Walthamstow. 17 months ago we were trading on the sidewalk in the very same place and now we get to make our very own Green Grill base. Poets and we didn't know it... Situated right by St James Street station, the new container park is home to a variety other amazing traders, artists and brands and we can’t wait to be joining the family.

Check out our video below for a little teaser, it’s still undergoing some construction but we’re looking to go live early June, and don’t you worry there’s more updates incoming. Maybe even a launch party if you behave yourselves.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and family who have supported this journey over the last year and a bit, plus our gorgeous and loyal customers who really keep us going and give us faith in our direction. Every morning we wake up loving what we do and we couldn’t have gotten here without so many good souls tasting our food and spreading the message.

That’s enough of the soppy stuff anyway, you’re about to see a real vegang takeover; a bigger menu, a bigger team, a bigger space but the same dream.