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With great and wildly excitable pleasure we introduce our Green Grill Live Panel talks!

A six part series over the coming months of plant-based topics that we know you’ll love. We’ve got some of the best and the baddest in the industry talking all things vegan.

The events will take place in the heart of Walthamstow at our Crate St James Street gaff and because we think it’s so important these topics are accessible, we’ve made the talks totally free! Wow gee thanks aren’t we thoughtful? Better yet, we’re offering a crackin’ burger, chips and beer offer with The Untraditional Pub for a measly tenner; IN ADVANCE ONLY. Slurp, gulp, sold. 

Our first panel discussion is Vegan Start-Ups and The Plantrepreneurs Behind Them; focusing on the start-up life and how 5 successful businesses powered through. They’ll run through trials and tribulations of actually getting started with their dreams as well as entering an ethical and growth market. We’ve just released panelist details so we’ll be welcoming Brightzine, Club Cultured, I Am Nut Ok, Harvester City and of course our own chatterbox, Robbie from The Green Grill.

Next up we have Vegan Activism: There's More Than One Way To NOT Skin A Cat. The spectrum of involvement can be vast when it comes to supporting the cause so we have some of the brightest (most daring) minds in the arena to give you the full low down. From demos to chalking and vigils to blogging we’ve got the scope covered. So if you’re interested in dipping your toes in or just want to find out more about what’s out there, come down and meet our wonderful panel.

We have an incredibly exciting talk in November hosted by our good friend and good gal Hannah from Greener Habits. She’s recently moved into the block at Crate; an eco warrior and zero waste stockist, and now we bring you The Last Bamboo Straw: Living A Zero Waste Lifestyle. We want to show you how easy it is to make the little changes, introductions and new habits to a more sustainable lifestyle. Just in time to snaffle up some proper earth-lovin’ Christmas goodies for the fam.

Our fourth panel is an evening in cahoots with the new miracle ingredient on everyone’s lips - CBD. Hailed as the all-singing-all-dancing wellness boost, CBD has been linked to alleviating a number of ailments from epilepsy, anxiety, arthritis and even cancer. What’s All The High-P About? CBD The Wonder Ingredient will be hosted by Re+CBD and some other special panelists. NOTE: This talk is not available online (it’s too naughty for the internet) so if you would like to sign up please email

It’s January and you’re about 2 stone heavier thanks to the wide array of new festive vegan munchies on offer (gotta try ‘em all!). Have no fear, fit people are here. we have a sterling line up of some of the best bods (literally) in the business, doing vegan fitness their way. We’ll be chatting about the age old query - But Where Do You Get Your Protein: Vegan Guide To Pumping Iron, as well as other burning health and wellness questions. Panelists to be released soon..

Our final instalment of that good good chatter is Doing It For The Gram - Not Always Pics and Giggles focuses on all things social media influencing; the highs, the lows, the snacks and the no-gos. We’re really lucky to have a panel of interesting, innovative and inspiring vegan food influencers, bringing you all the good good on Instagram and beyond. But behind the filters, how did they start out, and how difficult is it really to start getting paid for it?

We’re sure one (or all) will tickle your fancy so make sure you sign up before the tickets run out! Tell your mum, your friends, your neighbours dog and we’ll see you for some hard hitting chat and some proper yammin’ grub.

Over & out.