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A big first hello from us at The Green Grill!

We’ve just gotten around to setting up our blog function, so now we can unleash that chatterbox mode on you all - you’ve been warned. Expect vegan news, chews and all things weird and wonderful for you to peruse!

First off, it’s polite to make introductions of course, so let us start by telling you a little more about us.

We were founded at the end of 2017 (fresh faced still) by two of the finest vegan entrepreneurs and all round top boys, Joel and Robbie. Both of them started out their professional careers within the meat industry in respective trades and quickly because disillusioned with the idea of profiting from exploiting animals. They came together over a cause and with little to no real masterplan they started churning out sensational vegan junk food. Starting from humble beginnings on a curb in Walthamstow with our Green Monster burger, The Green Grill now smashes out weekly markets, festivals, residencies and private events. It’s been a year of blud, sweat and tears (of joy) and we’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve had this far.

We’re known best for our good-lookin’ naturally coloured buns, next-level homemade seitan and top drawer fillings, stuffings, sprinkles and general all-round magic. If you haven’t tried us yet you can find all of our upcoming events here.

Veganism is at the heart and soul of everything we do. It’s up to us to protect our planet, protect sentient beings and protect our health - we’re just here to make it tasty as hell.

Very exciting expansion news coming soon so make sure you stay locked in for all the juicy bits.