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The Buddha Belly, Cat Ba

Vegan Burger

40,000 VND (£1.35)

Tastiness: 8.5
Sexiness: 7
Happiness: 9

This burger is all you could want it to be and more; succulent tofu, the meaty consistency of a seitan patty, crunchy lettuce, fresh grated carrot and cabbage AND the cherry on top, the crispiest ever potato roti…Mmmm!!! And it’s just as big as it sounds so it’s definitely a two-hand task (not that you’d be letting go of it anyway)!

I ate 5 of these burgers in 4 days if that gives you any indication of just how great it was! Only small bits of feedback for me is that there’s quite a bit of moisture in there, so it tends to fall apart (unless you inhale it at super-speed) and could do with being a touch saucier BUT if they made it firmer and added a tangy chipotle mayo or some siracha, it would be hard to not give it a 9 or even a 10!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this burger and with a tiny bit of tweaking, it could be a contender for one of the best! Super tasty, pretty sexy and for less than £1.50, it gains definite happiness points, too! The Buddha Belly burger definitely makes for a happy hungry Han!

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