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Families Bakery Cafe, Nong Khiaw, Laos

Tofu Burger

30,000 kip (<£3 - inc fries)

Tastiness: 4
Sexiness: 4
Happiness: 3

I was so disappointed with this burger as it had been recommended by a carnist so I was expecting big things in terms of flavour! In reality it was a soggy and pretty flavourless excuse of a meal, however the bread was great so if I went back, I’d just grab some fresh bread and add my homemade peanut butter as a snack or on-the-go meal.

It wasn’t particularly well presented and fell apart whilst I ate it (the copious amounts of ketchup that I slathered on it in an attempt to add some extra flavour may have also contributed to that). Happiness came in at a 3 because we also waited FOREVER! So not a great dining experience! Wouldn’t recommend and wouldn’t eat again!

NB: The tofu burger as per the menu is vegetarian, order without the mayo to make it vegan.

Families Bakery Cafe, Tofu Burger
Families Bakery Cafe, Tofu Burger
Families Bakery Cafe, Tofu Burger

Bouang Asian Eatery, Luang Prabang

Veggie Burger

50,000kip inc. fries & salad (£4.50)

Tastiness: 8
Sexiness: 8
Happiness: 7.5

So I found a place in Laos that unknowingly decided to compete with The Green Grill coming at me with a beetroot bun and it wasn’t a bad effort at all! It was pretty great; a well-seasoned chickpea and corn patty full of flavour and moisture, delicious caramelised onions and American mustard which complimented each other really well.

The downside was the filling was a bit meagre - I could have eaten another one afterwards which knocked down the happiness score! Salad and well-cooked chips were a nice inclusion but it was still a bit pricey for Laos - another small minus. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more texture as the whole burger was quite soft and squishy which affected the overall tastiness.

It’s a pretty sexy burger but it’s got nothing when you compare the impressiveness of The Green Grill’s Red Devil! Definitely worth a visit if you’re not on a strict budget.

Note: order without cheese to make it vegan!

Bouang Asian Eatery, Veggie Burger
Bouang Asian Eatery, Veggie Burger

Veggie Tables, Vang Vieng

Eggplant Burger

40,000 kip (£3.60)

Tastiness: 7.5
Sexiness: 6
Happiness: 7

This burger tasted great but it wasn’t really a ‘burger’. It was just tempura eggplant (fantastic tempura at that!) with extras in a burger bun so it was prone to falling apart. For me, it was also missing a bit of punch with its flavours despite having an extremely satisfying and crunchy texture, it could have done with some siracha or sweet chilli to really leave you wanting more. Served with fries and salad gaining points for happiness because of value for money. Room to improve but overall a very satisfying meal and I would have absolutely no complaints eating it again.

NB. Ask for vegan mayo. Yep, you read that right! VEGAN MAYO. And it’s fabulous!

Veggie Tables, Eggplant Burger
Veggie Tables, Eggplant Burger

Veggie Tables, Vang Vieng

Pumpkin burger

40,000 kip (£3.60)

Tastiness 8
Sexiness 8
Happiness 6.5

Okay, I’m probably a little bit biased on this one because I love pumpkin so much but the flavours were simply beautiful. Similar to the eggplant burger as it was also a tempura-style patty, the major difference was the additional taste factor that the eggplant burger was missing a little. However, because the pumpkin was cooked well, the patty was super soft and squishy meaning it soaked up a lot of oil causing it to drip all down your hands and arms - a serious knock to the happiness score! I would actually love to see a pumpkin and eggplant burger with a firmer patty and an extra hint of pizazz. The vegan mayo works wonders, but I’d love to see some fire in there!

Veggie Tables, Pumpkin Burger
Veggie Tables, Pumpkin Burger