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Good Souls Kitchen, Chiang Mai

Mushroom Cheese Burger

220 baht (£5.75)

Tastiness: 9
Sexiness: 9.5
Happiness: 10

I’d heard good things about this place, but this burger honestly blew my mind! The patty had such an incredible and firm texture with a wonderful peppery flavour, I couldn’t believe it was made from mushrooms! The salad was great, not too overbearing, and the pickles with sweet mustard and creamy mayo tied all the wonderful flavours together like a modern take on an American classic cheeseburger. The only down side (which I’ve marked a point down for) was the cheese. It bumped the price up from 170 baht to 220 baht and to be honest, was a bit ‘meh’. It didn’t really have any flavour and lacked that melty texture too so I’d definitely opt for the mushroom burger without.

Served with chunky potato wedges, salad and mayo on the side, this meal was hefty! But trust me, you will find room! It’s beautiful presentation (even when cut in half) scored 9.5 purely because if I had to be extremely fussy, you could have seen a bit more colour in the salad on the plate.

Happiness came in strong because the service was excellent, the ambiance was perfect, there was good wifi (if you’re looking for that), I was served with free cold water and there were excellent options for drinks and desserts to finish off your meal if you could find room for something extra (trust me, you’ll make room!)! - I had the four seasons smoothie and the raw mango and passionfruit cheesecake which were phenomenal - totally recommend! Basically, I was beaming from start to finish! The only thing to slightly criticise was the big, shiny price tag!

Good Souls Kitchen Mushroom Cheese Burger
Good Souls Kitchen Mushroom Cheese Burger

Amrita Garden, Chiang Mai

Black Beans Burger

150 baht (£3.90)

Tastiness: 5
Sexiness: 8.5
Happiness: 5

I was disappointed with this one because when I’d asked for advice on the four burger options from the waitress, she was really enthusiastic about the black bean burger explaining that it was her favourite. In reality, it looked really nice on the outside (although it’s served without fries and only a tiny sauce-pot-sized salad) but its taste was meagre at best. The patty fell apart and had little flavour, the cheese was nice but didn’t do enough to make up for what the patty was lacking and there was so much lettuce, I felt like I was drinking half a glass of water with each bite - I actually had to take some out. I also added ketchup to give it a bit more flavour which helped a bit. The tiny salad on the side tasted great (the thick dressing type stuff on top was wonderful!), but you definitely could have done with some fries or another side dish affecting the overall happiness score.

I would have cut down on the lettuce and added a crispy onion ring or crunchy noodles for texture then loaded up with jalepenos and a cool mayo. Then it would be a real burger!

I would make a note that I shared a hummus platter with a friend which was nice so I’d probably visit there again but not for a burger and I wouldn’t be in a rush because there are so many other wonderful vegan eats in Chiang Mai!

Amrita Garden Black Beans Burger
Amrita Garden Black Beans Burger

Broccoli Revolution, Bangkok

Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger

290 baht (£7.50)

Tastiness: 8.5
Sexiness: 10
Happiness: 9

This baby was a contender! Scoring seriously well all round, the broccoli quinoa charcoal burger left me more than satisfied! I think the best part was that you didn’t really know what was in it as its contents are not described on the menu, so when it showed up with both mayo and guac inside, I was a happy woman!

The patty was a good and solid texture that didn’t fall apart and held up in terms of density of flavour with an underlying sweet tang which was a nice surprise! Add in the tomato and pico-de-gallo style topping for extra texture and flavour or eat it on the side like I did - whatever you prefer! The homemade root fries were super tasty and made from sweet potato, taro and regular potato although the taro ones were a little dry. The only other downside I would say was that you could definitely taste that the burger bun was frozen or a bit stale which could be easily improved.

I’d explain why I gave the burger a 10 for sexiness but I don’t think I need to…

Overall, a great burger in a fantastic little buzzy vegan hub in Bangkok! They sell zero waste products there as well which factors into my happiness rating, too! I did subtract half a point because you have to queue and order at the bar which I feel is a bit cheeky when they’re charging such high prices for food. Totally worth it though because it was just FAB!

Broccoli Revolution Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger
Broccoli Revolution Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger