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The more green the better we reckon. It’s our favourite colour and our only way of life.

Going green isn’t as hard as you might think these days, thanks to some serious eco-innovators and conscious consumers calling for change. Without getting too heavy we are in SERIOUS CRISIS and the world will IMPLODE pretty soon, so it’s time to buck up your ideas and get green.

The biggest changes you can make are often the simplest; it’s in your habits. Those daily routines that once you green-ify (that’s a word, ok), make a huge impact. Imagine how much we could improve if we all did that!

Well, where to start? Luckily for you, we’ve roped in the wonderful Hannah, founder of Greener Habits to give you some tips and tricks to create better behaviours.

1) Purchasing a reusable water bottle is probably the simplest Eco-friendly change you can make, and one which the planet, and your pocket, will love you for. Roughly one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and despite recycling efforts, still around half end up in landfill or the ocean. Plus tap water is free and safe to drink in the UK and several other countries, and if its the taste putting you off, get yourself a filter.

2) Use reusable cloth bags for all of your shopping. Plastic bags are ugly, hard to recycle, and yet scarily 500 billion of the plastic things are being used each year, with most ending in landfill or our beautiful oceans. I love my animal friendly cloth bag from jadegreenvegan.com, my Chihuahua approves too.

3) One just for the ladies- using reusable sanitary products, such as the Moon Cup and cloth sanitary towels, has to be one of my top tips. Brace your bits ladies, and do your bit, as apparently we each use on average over 11,000 sanitary items in our lifetime, which sadly primarily ends in landfill or the sea, and its expensive! My only regret? Not doing it sooner.

4) This one’s for all the coffee addicts or tea drinkers - use a reusable cup. With over 2.5 billion coffee cups being used and thrown away each year, and a measly 1% being recycled, please, for the love of the planet, ditch single use and buy a lovely stylish reusable one for yourself. A lot of coffee shops actually give you a discount too for using your own cup. Win, win really.

5) Switching to a bamboo toothbrush Iike our own Greener Habits bamboo brushes. They are great, totally biodegradable, and funnily enough, brush your teeth in the exact same way as a plastic one. Who would have guessed?

6) Go car boot sale and charity shop rummaging. Pick up a new outfit, new shoes, a book or even a set of vintage looking plates. You can even flog your old bits at a car boot sale for some quick cash. One person’s junk really is another’s treasure. My favourite car boots in London are the Capital Carboot in Pimlico and the Battersea Car Boot sale, both almost every Sunday except for holidays. Go practice your bartering skills.

Find the Greener Habits team online or at your nearest vegan/eco market and give them a cuddle, they're really doing a good ting.