Ethi-cool clothing you need to know: TOP 5

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Listen up! Over at the Green Grill we’re all about that holistic vegan swag. Starting with our insides and ending with our outsides. It’s been said we’re the best dressed vegan street food crew in London (thanks mum). Luckily for you not only do we fill your stomach, we’re gonna fill your street credit up by sharing some of the worst kept secrets in ethical fashion. In no particular order meet:


We love the guys over at Give A Fu. Husband and wife duo Erin and James are focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle brand to combat apathy. Their signature collection of apparel is made using organically grown cotton, vegan non-toxic inks, and they are expanding into a number of ethical zero waste products like these top notch keep cups. Not only that, but the lovely pair provide The Green Grill uniforms so we can look swaggy on and off the job!


The go-to organic cotton streetwear brand in London. These guys have got that pared back sports luxe vibe wrapped up in a recycled package and we’re buying it. The brand produces menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and accessories and is supported by a don of the vegan movement JME.


Sweet like sugar but not at all bad for you; cutesy vegan clothing brand Care Wears is stealing hearts one pastel T at a time. Founded and championed by one woman don Kasia, these clothes make a statement visually and ethically and we love them. All the inks used in printing are water-based, eco-friendly and vegan and she even takes on private printing commissions - yeah, sold.

R to L: Ethcs, Plant Based, Give A Fu, Zaali, Care Wears
L to R: ETHCS, Plant Faced, Give A Fu, Zaali, Care Wears


The perfect way to wear your message on your organic plant-based sleeve. These guys are doing great things in the game, taking reference from current trends, art, skate and streetwear, tattoo culture and injecting them with a little bit of consciousness. There’s a wide range of items and they come in fresh colours, high quality sustainable fabrics with a super easy shipping service. Put that in ya non toxic ink and print it.

Is a brand new London based streetwear brand with a twist - Maasai influences and a true ethical core. Everything is made from organic cotton, with renewable energy sources and shipped in biodegradable packaging, real triple threat tings. They even recommend second hand clothing as the way forward, but when you want ‘some new threads, we’ve got your back’. Super spice and all things nice.