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We like to live life in full colour over at the Green Grill. The more colours the merrier, and the brighter the more beautiful we reckon. They say don’t play with your food but actually, it’s supposed to be fun and we have fun making it, so you can have fun eating it. You’ll have noticed our swanky rainbow line up of buns for our burgers and hot dogs; well, not only are they gorgeously hued but it’s all natural baby. The brains behind the beauty is that by packing our products with natural and beneficial ingredients they look, taste and make you feel great.

We’ve listed our not-so-secret-ingredients below so you know all the great advantages of the additions because it’s not all just for that sexy instagrammable content, but the content of your insides.


We use beetroot powder in our Red Devil bun for that zap of fiery colour but also because it does a hell of a lot of good for you. The humble beetroot has been linked with a decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease and dementia as well as anti-inflammatory properties thanks to a valuable little nutrient called choline. It’s also known to promote healthy digestion due to the high fibre content so our burgers can come out as easily as they go in…


Mellow yellow, the super powder on everyone’s lips. Turmeric is hailed as the don of all things antioxidant, which is beneficial because they protect your body from those sneaky free radicals. Even bigger and badder than that, it’s compound curcumin is seen as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment and has been found to affect cancer growth, development and spread at the molecular level. We muscle this in on our yellow Yogi burgers to help your system float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.


The Green Monster? It’s a match-a. We infuse our green buns with fancypants matcha powder. Translating as ‘powdered tea’ it’s umami flava suits our big green patty machine perfectly. It’s rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which have been tied to protection against heart disease and cancer, as well as better blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, and anti-aging. Take a bite outta that why don’t you?


Charcoal, in a burger bun, no thanks! - we hear you cry. As bizarre as it sounds, in recent years activated charcoal in food has dramatically risen in popularity due to it’s myriad of health benefits. We aren’t talking the kind of charcoal that’s lingering around in your family BBQ, that stuff really is bad for you so don’t try it at home. No, instead, imagine a net, scouring through your body and scooping up all the nasties - that’s how activated charcoal works, by catching toxins in it’s porous nooks and crannies. It gives our buns a lovely smoky flavour too, the perfect casing for our bad boy Black Beast.

Have you tried them all yet?

L to R: The Green Monster, The Yogi Burger, The Red Devil, The Black Beast